Online Savings Network Daily Deals

Crowd funding project for OSN Daily Deals platform/system. Both local and national 50%+ off deals with a portion donated to a selected charity or school of your choosing. The initial charity that will receive help from this funding project will go to the Severe Selective Mutism Project. Deep discounted offers to purchase from Online Savings Network Daily Deals and rewards of purchase credits plus 25% bonus or marketing services and matching advertising bonuses for businesses who donate or participate in our system.

Deep Discount OSN Daily Deals
57 Days Left
Projects Ends:

Online Savings Network Daily Deals is a deals site offering deep discounts on goods and services from local and national merchants. The core concept being the merchants gets new customers and huge advertising benefits and the members or buyers in the group get great deals and can request the charity or organization they choose to receive 10% of the fees we collect as a buying group through their purchases. The Merchant typically gets a higher portion of the sale than other daily deal sites such as Groupon, and a portion is given to a charity, school or organization from which we build marketing campaigns that support the local merchants and the local community and builds a members buying list. We also have partnered with Smash Solutions Ad Network and we match dollar for dollar of any business purchases with us with advertising in their network. This is huge for any business that works with us. There is also a feature that rewards the members when referring others who make purchases to the website through their affiliate link. Consumer/affiliates can receive bonuses or make an income by referring others to the deals they like which creates a viral aspect to the system using social media, email, messaging, texting etc. A great deal of work and money has already gone into creating this system and program and additional funds are needed to make significant additions to the system and upgrades to the software in order to implement the full vision of this program and to roll out a significant customer acquisition marketing campaign and business partner offers. We invite donations through this crowd funding platform to accomplish our vision of this program and if a business receive the matching advertising as well. We also invite you to go to and sign up free to see what is available now, receive a free certificate and receive updates on future discounted offers. Feel free to make purchases there and invite others to go there too through the system and through your affiliate link. All individuals making a donation here now will receive a credit of their donated amount plus 25% to use in the system for purchasing deals later when the upgraded and finished system is fully launched with new merchants and products and the charity choices in place. All businesses will receive the matching advertising bonuses on all donations and services purchases ongoing. Expected time frame to completion is 2 months after the needed funds are raised this year. Those making a larger donation can choose to receive marketing services from our sister marketing company for their donation and receive the matching advertising bonuses. Those making donations of $500 or more will be contacted for those marketing services choices. Call Nick at 801-989-5809 or 801-529-5226 with any questions.

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