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Success Synergy Funding is the Crowd Funding website and a division of Success Synergy LLC, dba Success Synergy Marketing. The laws have changed so we can now legally advertise and market to people to ask for a donation for a cause or business to help make it happen. We work with businesses every day in developing their marketing strategies, online websites, Social Media, mobile marketing and back end marketing systems and find many businesses, especially new ones, need to raise capital to build up their business properly. Rarely is traditional funding available in today’s difficult market place. We help with quality websites and online marketing systems and develop their online presence the right way, that is so critical to success in today’s online hand held device world. It used to be an option to have a website and active social media sites, but now it is required and expected in order to compete. If you have a great project or business idea and want to raise funds for it, then we can put together a crowd funding project by using this site/platform that allows you to share it with others and have your friends and their friends help you make it happen.

Putting all the pieces together to make it happen

Crowd funding and working together makes it happen.

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